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Tal Granot-Goldstein


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Project Description

Tal Granot-Goldstein is serving as the CEO of HOT Telecommunications Group since August 2015. Prior to this appointment she was HOT’s Deputy CEO and B2C Manager.

Granot-Goldstein has twenty years of extensive experience in the communications market, amongst which are managing sales, service and support arrays operations and leading large scale mergers.

Before joining HOT, Granot-Goldstein served as the CEO of Entrypoint, an integration company where she created a robust infrastructure that led to its ultimate success. Previously, she served as VP of HR and Operations & Management at 012 Golden Lines, a leading ISP, where her responsibilities included overseeing the merger between 012 and Internet Gold. She also served as VP of Human Resources and Head of Sales at Internet Gold for five years.

Since her appointment as CEO in August 2015, she has created a dramatic turnaround in the company’s market position and image, with HOT surpassing its biggest competitors in all parameters. Under her leadership, HOT has been transformed from a traditional telecom company into an agile and dynamic enterprise driven by innovative operating methods and poised to adapt to today’s rapidly changing market environment.  During the past years Granot-Goldstein has succeeded in improving and stabilizing the company’s service operations, slowdown costumers’ churn and regain  HOT’s leadership in content and technology.


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