INTV 2023 Speakers to be Announced

Nellie Andreeva

Co-Editor-in-Chief TV, Deadline Hollywood

Nellie Andreeva2019-02-28T20:07:30+02:00

Project Description

Nellie Andreeva is Co-Editor-in-Chief for Deadline Hollywood. Her insightful analysis and thorough coverage of deals, pilots, television markets and ratings make her one of the most respected journalists covering the television business today.

Before joining Deadline, Nellie worked for ten years at The Hollywood Reporter, where she wrote stories on the television industry for both their online and print editions. Prior to The Hollywood Reporter, Nellie worked as a journalist covering television and radio for Investor’s Business Daily. Nellie’s interest in the television industry extends back to her homeland of Bulgaria, where she first became a journalist and then a producer, writer and director for Bulgarian National Television.

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