INTV 2023 Speakers to be Announced

Gali Einav

PhD Head of International Program in Entrepreneurship, IDC Herzliya

Gali Einav2022-11-30T17:24:16+02:00

Project Description

Dr. Gali Einav is Head of the International Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and the ” Upstart” Program at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya.  She holds a PhD in Interactive Television from Columbia University. Gali has served as an Adjunct Professor of Digital Media at IDC Herzliya since 2008 and teaches digital media at the Katz School of Marketing at Yeshiva University in NYC. Gali’s research interests include the impact of digital transformation on media industries and consumer behavior. Gali is an Advisory Board member for Nielsen Innovate, an early stage investment arm of Nielsen. Previously, she worked in the Business Planning and Development team at Canoe Ventures, a consortium of US cable operators developing interactive ad formats for live television. Prior to that, Dr. Einav led the Digital Insights and Innovations Research group at NBC Universal, overseeing strategic, business and consumer research across digital platforms.

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