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Emilio Schenker

CEO, Tadmor Entertainment

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Project Description

Emilio Schenker is the CEO of Tadmor Entertainment Israel and an acclaimed film writer, producer and director. His films have participated in numerous film festivals around the world and won many awards.

In the past year Schenker was appointed CEO of Tadmor Entertainment Israel. The company is a development, production and finance company based in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, owned by Mr. Gideon Tadmor, a gas and oil tycoon and one of the leading businessmen in the Israeli economy.

Recently Schenker founded “The Distillery”—the Haifa Film Festival’s prestigious script lab—in cooperation with Endeavor Content (WME), Keshet International, Tadmor Entertainment and The Rabinovich Film Foundation, where he serves as Artistic Director.

Over the past decade, Schenker was also the Senior Vice President of Content at The Zappa Group, Israel’s leading music corporation, and is considered to be one of Israel’s top Artistic Directors. He served as the Artistic Director of dozens of festivals including the “Tel Aviv Piano Festival” and “Tel Aviv Jazz Festival”.

Schenker is an MFA and BFA graduate of Film Studies at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University. He’s presently a PhD candidate at Freie Universitat Berlin.

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