INTV 2023 Speakers to be Announced

Amit Mashiah

CEO, McCann Tel Aviv

Amit Mashiah2019-02-28T19:57:56+02:00

Project Description

Amit Mashiah is the Chief Executive Officer of McCann group, Israel’s largest advertising and media agency and a board member at McCann Europe.

Additionally, Amit is a tech veteran. He was the CEO of Adagoo, a contextual data analysis platform, which was acquired by Digital Generation in 2011. He also led strategy and marketing for Eyeview – a personalization video platform for brand advertisers, which generated over $70M in revenues in 2018.

Amit has always been heavily involved in the social sector. He takes a public stand on many political and social controversial issues such as the fight against the occupation, creating descent daycare solutions to refugees’ children and more.

Fun Fact: Amit was originally aiming for an academic career in social science and until today, his real field of expertise is modern political thinking.

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